Appointment and cancellations

Our treatment rooms are on one floor, though there is a ramp up to two rooms. If you are unable to manage a ramp, please let us know when you make your appointment.

Appointments can be made by telephone or by email or contact form. We will normally offer the next available time with your usual dentist or hygienist, but you can choose a day and time that suits your needs from the options available.

If your dentist or hygienist is not available, you will be offered an appointment with another dentist or hygienist at that time, or we will offer the nearest possible time.

It is our policy to require a non-refundable deposit for some appointments.

If you are not able to get to the centre for an appointment, you must contact us no later than 48 hours before your appointment. This enables us to offer your appointment to others.

Missed appointments and late cancellation

If you cancel an appointment less than 24 hours before it is due, we will record it as a late-cancellation.

If you miss or late-cancel two appointments, we will not offer you any further NHS appointments.

If private treatment is offered, we will require a non-refundable deposit.

Time limits on appointments

There are some time limits which apply to appointments unless your dentist has specifically set a longer gap between appointments. For more information, please click here