Maintain your oral care with our Hygienist

Why should you see a hygienist ?

Although the dentist can provide a scale and polish, this isn’t enough to keep your teeth at their best, especially as you become more mature.

Dental hygienists carry out procedures such as applying topical fluoride and fissure sealants, which help to protect worn areas from becoming worse. The hygienist will also perform scaling and polishing, and will address staining problems which result from drinking tea, coffee, wine and smoking.

The area at the top of the gums becomes increasingly difficult to look after over time. ‘Pockets’ can form where food becomes trapped, and this leads to inflammation and decay below the gum-line. Your dentist will advise you where this is occurring, and may recommend using inter-dental brushes and floss, in addition to referring you to a hygienist to get extra help in keeping these areas clean.

Seeing a hygienist is a top-up to your regular checks that helps you to avoid decay, which increases the lifetime of your natural teeth.

What can the hygienist do for me ?

  • Scaling and polishing, to keep plaque under control
  • Fluoride treatment to protect against decay
  • Fissure sealing to protect worn areas from further damage
  • Stain removal to keep your teeth bright
  • Gum cleaning to avoid trapped food leading to infection or decay