Our Team


Dr Shruti Chopra BDS (London), Dipl. Aesthetic Dentistry, GDC 177849

Dr S Chopra has a warm and friendly personality and takes the time to build up a good rapport with all of her patients. She is committed to post graduate education and keeps up-to-date with the latest knowledge and techniques in dentistry, so that she can provide the highest standards of care to her patients. She is also keen to share her knowledge and skills, and is currently working towards a post graduate diploma in dental education.

Giving patients their smile, laughter and confidence back is Dr Chopra’s ultimate aim.

Dr S Chopra is available on Mondays 9AM-5PM.

Dr Rishi Chopra BDS (London), MJDF (RCS London), PGCert (PDC), GDC 252273

Dr R Chopra is dedicated to providing fair, high quality dentistry and offers a warm smile and a long term view to patient treatment. With a PGcert (distinction) in primary dental care he is passionate about long term prevention, improving the standard of care and confidence for all patients. He is also keen to improve his knowledge and skill set as he is working towards a diploma in restorative dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons in London.

Dr R Chopra is available Tuesdays between 9AM and 5PM, Wednesday mornings from 9AM to 1PM, and between 9AM and 3PM on Fridays.

Dr Anisah Hosein BDS (Bristol) GDC 251575

Dr. Hosein has a passion for learning and continuing her professional development. With a PGcert (distinction) in primary dental care she is now studying for a diploma focussing on restorative dentistry and dental public health problems in children. She aims to be able to apply this for the benefit of all her patients.

Dr Hosein is available from Monday to Thursday from 8:30AM to 5PM

Dr Gagandeep Mangar BDS (QMU London) GDC 290612

Dr Mangar is a calm and conscientious dentist who is available every day

Dr Mangar is available from Monday to Friday between 9AM and 5:30PM.

Dr Manal Abumahlula BDS (London) GDC 296877

Dr Abumahlula qualified from Queen Mary University Dental School and is able to spend a little more time with patients than our other dentists. She enjoys helping patients regain their confidence in dental treatment in order to restore their smile

Dr Abumahlula is available from Monday to Thursday between 9AM and 5PM


Treatment with a Hygienist is not covered by the NHS

Louri Cleveland BSc Oral Health Science (Manchester) GDC 6459

Louri provides our Hygiene service, helping you to avoid problems caused by food trapping and keeping your teeth and gums in top condition.

Louri is available on Wednesdays from 1PM to 6PM, on Thursdays from 8AM to 5PM, and Fridays from 9AM to 3PM .


Treatment with an Implantologist is not covered by the NHS

Dr P. Neto LMD (Porto), PGDip Implants GDC 84464

Dr Neto is committed to clinical excellence and prides himself in ensuring the best patient journey and satisfaction. He is commited to life long professional development, having a special interest in dental implants, endodontics and aesthetic dentistry, and is a graduate of Eastman Dental Institute at University College London. Dr Neto works closely with the rest of the Wyndcott team to ensure the best outcome for our patients.

Aftercare is important for long-term success, so once your treatment is complete, we ask that you return to Dr. Neto for ongoing assessment and advice for 24 months after placement. In addition, he strongly advises regular hygieine sessions to maintain oral health both in general and to maximise the lifetime of your investment in your implant.

Dr. Neto is able to provide implants and implant-suported dentures, crowns and bridges.

Dr. Neto is avaliable on Saturdays


Treatment by an Orthodontist at Wyndcott is not covered by the NHS, but it may be possible to refer you to an NHS Orthodontist.
We offer several systems, each one provided by one of our dentists. If you have an interest in a particular system, please arrange for a consultation with the dentist who provides that system.

Invisalign clear aligners
Dr Shruti Chopra BDS (London), Dipl. Aesthetic Dentistry, GDC 177849

Dr Chopra is able to provide orthodontic alignment using the Invisalign system, which is an removable, “invisible” braces system, able to correct misalignment in as little as 3 months. She is available for consultations on Mondays.

Oral Surgeons

Treatment by an Oral Surgeon is not covered by the NHS unless you are referred via the IMOS scheme

Dr. Naveed Syed BDS (Lond), MJDF RCS (Eng.) MSc (Lond) GDC 128614

Dr Syed holds an MSc from Barts and The London university and is also a member of the Royal College of Surgeons having obtained the MJDF qualification. He has worked for many years in practice and hospital and is currently part of the IMOS scheme. Dr Syed can be seen privately or by referral through IMOS for extractions. Sedation is available for private extraction

Dr Syed can be seen 9AM to 5PM on Wednesdays, and one Saturday every month.

Dr Alex Rickart BDS (Newc.) MFDS RCS (Edin.) GDC 252218

Dr Rickart qualified with merit at Newcastle university and is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Royal Society of Medicine and the British Association of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons, He has previously worked at both King’s College Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital, and now works in the IMOS scheme while continuing his studies. Dr Rickart can be seen privately or by referral through IMOS for extractions. Sedation is available for private extractions.