Brighten your smile with Teeth Whitening

We provide a whitening treatment which begins with a consultation with your dentist who will help you to get the best results and identify any problems. Special custom-fitted trays are made by a dental laboratory to contain the whitening gel, which you can then use at home in the evening or overnight.

Once you have reached your optimum brightness, you can maintain it with top-up syringes available from the practice. Your tooth shade should appear brighter within the first 2 weeks, and generally the lightness of your teeth can be improved by 2-3 shades. This will last up to 3 months, but it depends a lot on your teeth and your diet. If you smoke or eat or drink things which are strongly coloured (E.g. tea, coffee, red wine, beetroot, turmeric) then your teeth will discolour more quickly.

If you ask for a consult with your next check-up, the complete package including trays and whitening gel is £350.

Top-up syringes are available for £35 each.